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I do feel for the adoptive parents but the signals, red flags should rs 07 gold have been obvious the moment they found out the child was part native American and that it was the mother that said the father wanted to reliquish his parental rights, on top of that an American Soldier;s child. I sorry but if you really want to give love to a child there are many that are older but still need loving parents because their parents don and have not ever given a damn about them. Adopt one of them first. I don know whether the child mother was white but the courts will side with the Native American Soldier father.
I bring it to your attention that possession of a number assault weapons are legal here in Canada can only hold 5 shells at one time and barrel length can be no less than 18.5 inches to make it a non restricted firearm. The 308 or 30 06 semi auto hunting rifles actually have alot more punch than say an AR 15 and most other assault weapons. Some assualt weapons are used for hunting deer and small game. They don pack enough punch to bring down a moose. However the semi auto 308 or 30 06 (regular hunting rifles) pack far more punch and can be used for hunting large game such as moose. If I were to get shot by someone (which I hope never happens) I would hope that it would be from the small calibre assault rifle rather than a semi auto 308 or 30 06 hunting rifle (as they pack a killing punch and the bullets mushroom with high impact when they enter a body). Just thought that I would provide you a few comments from a gun owning person up in Canada. I have hunted siince I was 15 years old and hunting goes away back in my family ancesorty. My three sons are also avid hunters.
But in the weeks after the Controller's office launched the audit, which it expects to complete and publish next spring, the company did something unusual it lobbied the Controller's office about the audit, according to a form it filed in late July with the Secretary of State's office. A little noticed decision by the California Supreme Court in alawsuit involving Martins Beach could make life more difficult for the property owner, venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, in his long running legal battle to keep the public off his coastal land.
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