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Summer Special Offers: Up to $10 Coupons for Runescape Gold 2007 & More to Get on RSorder

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At first, a player may only complete missions for his home nation, though they are able to change allegiances later on, allowing access to other nations' storylines. Quests may be undertaken for their various rewards, or to acquire "fame," which allows a character to become well known and respected by NPCs; a higher fame rating will open up new interactions and quests with NPCs. At release, over one hundred quests were available to play and each expansion pack has added its own set of missions and quests.
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First, it was CounterStrike. A network gaming store oepened within 100 meters from my home and a great gaping hole opened up and swallowed a year of my life. I LIVED for my 11pm finish from work, the train ride to Holmesglen, and into Web Warfare I would go and game against the usual crew.
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