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A Louisiana judge has ruled that Jews can be viewed as a race and thus are protected in the workplace by federal anti racial discrimination law a decision experts say is unprecedented. Some are hailing the decision as a civil rights victory while others say it couldembolden white supremacists. Magistrate Mark Hornsby delivered the judgment in a civil case football coach Joshua Bonadona filed in February against his Baptist alma mater, Louisiana College.
Feel Healthier And More Active by Playing This Amazing Paintball GamePaintball is an interactive, engaging game, suitable for adults and children. The game of paintball is a great, fun, sporting activity were people from all walks of life ,ages and social backgrounds can enjoy together. Players can grow physically, de stress and relax emotionally.
Pumpkin Picassos at Whitney Ranch Rec Center: Painting is a safe alternative to carving pumpkins. We'll assist children as they paint their own pumpkin masterpieces and then entertain them with some great games. Bring a pumpkin and an old shirt for cover up.
The Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry might be a good pick, too. Anastasia is about 13, she reads a lot (and reads Freud) and deals with a quirky family, deals with a move to a new town, deals with a first boyfriend, etc. Another series of books about a smart, sassy female protagonist that I love to this day.
According to Bloomberg, Trump plans to allocate $200 billion in federal funding over the next 10 years, plus an additional $800 billion in state spending. This will include grants to rural areas to repair bridges, roads, and waterways. He also plans to privatize the air traffic control system.
You can visit a house on stilts and learn about the gong culture. The air is fresh with a nearby lake, bamboos and an artificial waterfall. Flowers grow in the garden all year long. Firstly experiments were performed to determine the effects of surface roughness on the capillary origami process. It was found that the droplet wrapping process could be controlled with the appropriate choice of liquid. Using a wetting liquid would see an enhanced wrapping state whereas use of a dewetting liquid would see a complete suppression of the wrapping process.

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